Here Are the 5 Steps of
The Easy Way Out Process at a Glance


Call-In or Submit Your Information for a Free Over the Phone Evaluation.

Do you have a home you want or need to sell fast? Then call Easy Sell Property Solutions today at 631-400-EASY (3279). We’ll ask you some questions and, based on the answers, can often give you a preliminary offer in less than 7 minutes right over the phone. There is no charge for the evaluation and no obligation of any kind.


Meet With Us at Your Home.

Next, one of our Home Buying Specialists will look over the property, which takes just 30 to 60 minutes. Then, based on what we see… and the answers to a few more questions we may have… we will give you a firm price we can offer you for your house.


We Give You a Written Offer.

We will put our offer in writing, prove we have the money to close, and determine the date you would like to close. Right on the spot, while we’re sitting with you in your kitchen or living room, we’ll give you our simple written agreement to buy your home at the exact price we quoted. There’s no pressure or hard sell. If you want to think it over, by all means take your time. But, if you want to be rid of your home. with no fuss, no hassle, and for fair market value 0 we both sign the agreement. And the deal is done. It’s that fast. And that easy!


Choose Your Closing Date.

We can close the deal and finalize the transaction in as little as 7 days…or in any other time frame you choose. All we require is clear title to the house. And we guarantee you will close on the date we agreed to – or we will pay you $1,000. Until closing, we can tide you over with a cash advance of up to $10,000. You can use it to pay household expenses – such as the mortgage, property taxes, or utilities- or for anything else you choose. We also move you and all your furniture and possessions to your new home or apartment anywhere on Long Island for free!


We Finalize the Sale.

Because we guarantee on-time closing on the date you choose, we help you quickly get your payment for the full selling price – and relieve you of the burden of maintaining the house – in record time. It starts with one simple call to Easy Sell Property Solutions. And ends with you solving your problem – owning and paying for a home you no longer want – literally within just a few weeks.