I’m hiring a VIRTUAL Rock-Star “Client Relations Appointment Setter”

We are currently building out our organization and need to add two amazing people to our client relations, appointment setting department – we are in the Real estate Investment business, a company who purchases homes for cash.

You will be a valued member of our team whose role is to build positive relationships with potential homeowners who are looking to sell their home. You will be interacting with potential home sellers, taking down pertinent information about their house and situation. The ultimate goal is to schedule an appointment for our Acquisitions Manager whose role it is to make an offer and purchase the home.

This is a very important and unique position…a blend of relationship builder with great people skills, an “effective communicator” and task manager who works at a faster than average pace, who can juggle multiple clients at once help see critical tasks through to completion.

In other words, we are looking for an awesome, “Client Relations Appointment Setter”

The Big Picture

My goal is to fill this role with two amazing people that can work with us for many years to come, providing you with a stable, fulfilling, and rewarding way for you to contribute your gifts to the world.

Your start time? 2 weeks!

Here Is The Type Of Person I’m Looking For

FAST FAST FAST! You’re fast on your feet and can quickly change direction on a dime if the situation dictates. You can move from one client interaction to the next without getting flustered.

Top notch teamwork, communication skills, and attitude: Must be friendly and genuinely interested in the business, agenda, and needs of others, including the company, its management, the team and the company’s customers. You have a unique ability on getting the sellers to know like and trust you buy building rapport over the phone.. My team runs like a well-oiled machine because everyone pulls together and has a great attitude. Anyone who isn’t a team player will very quickly find themselves on the outside.

You are resilient: Even though this is not sales, you will still be interacting with sellers . As you build the relationship with the seller your ultimate goal is to schedule an appointment for our acquisition’s manager. Some sellers may not be ready to move forward, others may just be plain cray cray and yell that they don’t want to be bothered. You are NOT afraid of NO and have a clear understanding that every no means you are one step closer to a yes. We are not the perfect fit for everyone and you need to be ok with that and not be slowed down by rejection.

You are resourceful: We are looking for sharp individuals who work to learn as well as earn. You will be solving problems and learning things every day. No two properties we buy or sellers we buy from are the same. You will be trained and mentored but you must also be resourceful and independent when the answer isn’t readily available.

You have truly ASTOUNDING attention to detail and a memory of a bloody elephant: You don’t really need to have a memory of an elephant because you’ll leverage our technology within our CRM (customer relations management system) to set next action items for the tasks at hand. If you are not organized and conscientious this role will not be a good fit. You will be managing fresh inbound leads daily along with a pipeline of follow ups. We are focused on letting nothing slip through the cracks and maximizing every opportunity. As an appointment setter/client relations setter, you own the leads and are responsible for them.

Multi-tasking and organizational skills. THIS IS A MUST HAVE and a deal breaker. You have to be able to keep track of things and not let stuff fall through the cracks. You’ll be working on several leads at once, and I can’t have you sitting there with your head spinning. I need someone who can set priorities and get things done. You are a follow-up/follow-through king or queen and you are the type to leverage systems to ensure next action follow up dates are followed up on like clockwork.

You absolutely ADORE what you do. This is important…no clock-watchers! Your focus needs to be on getting the job done – not getting the job done before the whistle blows. Heck, there isn’t a whistle anyway. (I’m a family man so that’s also important HOWEVER sometimes I have to sit and finish something after everyone is asleep so that I can push on our goals and deadlines… so you may also have to do the same) every lead that is in our CRM is potential revenue to the company. If a lead sits and is not called or followed up on in a timely fashion it could mean lost revenue to the company.

You can tolerate being pushed! To be clear – we are a great company, but we want everyone on this team to grow. That means at times you will pushed outside of your comfort zone. I can assure you, ultimately it will lead to personal growth. If you’re ok with personal development and being stretched at times you’ll be a perfect fit.

You are a DIAMOND. Diamonds are created under pressure – and you’ll find yourself in plenty of situations where you need to be lighting fast, ultra-accurate and absolutely on your game , all in a very short space of time.

Required Skills

Computer Literate: You MUST be VERY VERY VERY computer literate! Our entire business uses a LOT of technology. That means that you have to feel comfortable figuring things out when it comes to using software and things on the web.

You should be a great typist – If you’re only typing at 10 words per minute, then that’s going to slow us down.

Pleasing personality – You’ll be interacting with clients often so having a pleasing personality is a MUST. That means you’re outgoing and positive when on the phone with people but you’re not a pushover. You get things done yourself and through others and hold those accountable to tasks and timelines.

Here’s A Small Sample of What You’ll Be Doing:

Call and connect with sellers: As soon as possible- your results will be directly correlated to your availability and ability to connect with leads. Sometime this means taking leads on odd hours and weekends.

Qualify and book appointments: Constantly contacting sellers who meet our criteria. Follow our proven sales process and script to discover if leads meet criteria and move leads to the appropriate next step based on that conversation.

Follow up with leads not brought to a next step: On first contact, stay on top of mind over time until we are able to book an appointment. Leverage our automations and systems to stay in touch and stay on top of your leads. Follow up is a huge part of our business. You need to be able to toggle between hunting activities and farming activities.

Management and upkeep of CRM: You are responsible to keep our leads in appropriate stages, follow ups and sequences.

Outbound calls to our database of prospects to hit your numbers for the week: In addition to inbound leads off our marketing efforts, we have a database of distressed properties you are expected to prospect and cold call opportunities on a weekly basis to supplement you hitting your targets.

Ownership: See to it that Nothing Slips through the cracks, We maximize every opportunity AND we create our own opportunity on a daily basis.

Does Your Geographic Location Matter?

Since Covid our company operates 100% virtual. You are OK working virtually, i.e. from your home office. My businesses currently operate in NY and NJ. We have 11 teammates in NY, 3 in NJ, 1 in MD and 4 in the Philippines. Where you reside doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you have the ability to be productive with minimal oversight! You need to have lightning fast internet connection.

Your Schedule: You’ll be working from home 100% of the time, so you’ll need to be a self-motivated rock star who takes pride in their work and work-ethic. You’ll be working 40 hours a week or more, this is not a 9-5 company. You could work 8-4 one day and 10-6 the next and 11-7 the next, it truly varies. I’m flexible with days and times to work as long as it makes sense. Heck, there may be times when we have several leads and you’ll be asked to work on the weekends. It’s the exception, not the rule, but when asked we want a teammate whose ready, willing and able to get things done.

Flexibility is key – Just don’t be a clock watcher. Come in, attack the day and get results and work until the job at hand is done. I have no desire to micro-manage you or your schedule. Your performance is judged strictly by your results.

Compensation and Getting Paid: The range of pay for this position is up to $18/hour to start plus bonuses for scheduling a certain amount of appointments each month.

How To Apply For This Position
Your Next Step: To be considered for an interview you must follow the next two steps.  
  1. Email me at clientrelationsposition @ gmail.com (remove spaces before sending) Important: In the subject line write “Billy, I’m perfect for this Rock-Star Client Relations Appointment Setter Position and here’s why!” and then in the body of the email tell us why you’d be perfect for this position. Make sure you attach a copy of your resume!
  2. Then call 866-249-7072 x 400; you will be asked to leave us a message in your words telling me why you think you’d be a perfect fit and why we should consider you for an interview
  3. If you’ve followed all of the directions above, you should have received an email response with a link for a DISC profile test – we need you to complete that ASAP please!
If your profile results are a great match for the position, we will reach out to conduct a more detailed interview over the phone to determine if you’re the right fit. We look forward to speaking with you!