At Easy Sell fast cash buyers, we believe in awarding you the opportunity to sell your house for cash no matter the home’s condition. From our perspective, it doesn’t matter and the variety of programs we have for buying houses in various states and conditions shows.

No permits? No certificate of occupancy? No problem!

If you have a house with an illegal extension, a garage or basement that’s been converted into an illegal apartment or some other issue, the house is nearly impossible to sell. Simply put, mortgage lenders and banks won’t approve loans for buyers who want to sell your house. What do you do?

That’s where we come in! At Easy Sell Property Solutions, we specialize in buying your house AS-IS! No matter what issues are involved with the property, we will buy for CASH.

Vacant or ugly house? No problem!

Whether your property has been vacant for some time or would be called “ugly” to the point of unsellable, we can help! Both pose a serious obstacle in the selling process especially when a mandatory inspection process follows an offer that leads to disaster.

Avoid all of that by turning to the fast cash house buyers of Easy Sell who have a hassle-free house buying program for your property, no matter how it looks. Foundation issues, structural problems, mold, fire damage, or a need for extensive repairs and renovations? It doesn’t matter with Easy Sell, those are no longer your problems.

Whatever your house’s condition is, you have a solution – Easy Sell Property Solutions!

*We can close in as little as 7 days as long as we have a clear and marketable title, which you as the seller, will provide. If we get a clear title and we cannot close in 7 days, we will give you, the seller, a $500 credit at the closing.